We offer True HRM, a web-based system that supports your workforce planning and staff development. It’s easy to get started with a competitive price.

With True HRM you will get a flexible platform for your strategic and operational human resource work, which can also grow with the company.

With True HRM you can:

  • Highlight key skills and key personnel:
  • Follow up on employee performance and measure performance
  • Flexible handle resume for uniform applications for jobs and assignments
  • Control training based on real skills needs
  • Ensure that individual goals contributes to business objectives
  • Get an overview of such vocational qualifications and certifications to keep track of when they should be renewed

True HRM is a business support with great flexibility, and optional modules include:


  • Key Competences
  • Gap analyzes


  • Employee interviews
  • Target discussions and governance
  • Operational Plan


  • Career
  • Succession

We are happy to show you a demo!

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